Pros in Real Life

Professional contractors navigate a constantly changing landscape of high-stakes, high-pressure jobs where relationships are the currency, progress is subject to exigent circumstances, and one’s desire to succeed is eclipsed only by the more deeply rooted compulsion to prove oneself capable. In an effort to better understand the people of this profession and their perspective, The Home Depot commissioned a short documentary in partnership with Lieberman Research Worldwide to illustrate their day-to-day realities.

Client — The Home Depot
Agency  — Lieberman Research Worldwide
Production Company — Bob Miller Media
Director / Dir of Photography — Bob Miller
Producer — Christina Terrell
Cinematographers — Bob Miller, Jessey Dearing
Sound Recordists — Symmetric Sound, Garrett McDonald, Brian Gilbert

Post Production — Bob Miller Media
Editor — Bob Miller
Assistant Editor — Chip Burns
Color — Outpost Pictures
Audio Mix — Symmetric Sound