Shouldering the Burden

During the post-election violence of 2007 and 2008, impoverished youth in Kenya were routinely bribed by the nation's political elite to carry out acts of violence in their communities. Idleness among the youth, combined a history of ethnic rivalries, were cited as a key factors to the violence, culminating in the deaths of over 1,200 Kenyans and the displacement of over 600,000. As a response to the violence, many youth have begun to seize active roles in the reform of their nation, and grassroots initiatives led by youth have begun to improve the quality of life for those living in the direst of conditions. Termed “youth groups” on the street, these initiatives could represent the future of long-term socioeconomic development in Kenya.

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Exhibitions & Screenings 
— 2012 Foto8 Summershow, Foto8 Gallery, London, England (group)
— 2012 SALT Institute for Documentary Studies, Portland, ME (solo)
— 2012 Johnson Ferry Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA (solo)
— 2011 United Photo Industries 7 over 7, Brooklyn, NY (solo)

— American Photography 28, Selected

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